The best of Canberra and Region by bike: a 4-day mountain biking itinerary

Canberra and Region is a mountain biking hub boasting some of the best trails in Australia, but with so many options available it can be difficult to know where to begin!

To help, we’ve put together a suggested itinerary. Enjoy Canberra in autumn – great trails, cool weather and no snakes!

Day 1

Depending on what time you arrive in Canberra, we recommend wandering around Canberra’s must-visit precinct: the Parliamentary Triangle. There, you can go for a stroll/ride around Lake Burley Griffin and see the impressive Captain Cook memorial jet.

At the same time, embrace Australia’s history and culture as you pass the Old Parliament House and Parliament House, and various galleries and museums.


Novotel Canberra is great for its central location close to tourist attractions and restaurants.

Bike Hire

The Cyclery and Cycle Canberra offers delivery and pick-up to central hotels and has a vast range of bikes.

Bruce Ridge

For your first afternoon of riding, why not check out the trails Bruce Ridge has on offer.  High quality trails in the middle of suburbia – surprising and unique!

How to get there

Only five minutes by car or 15 minutes by bike.

How to get to bruce ridge

Bruce Ridge offers hardpack and loose single track with sections that flow, just watch out for logs! There are some challenging climbs on loose gravel and flowing descents.

These tracks are the perfect way to finish off your first day of riding in Canberra.

Bruce Ridge
Bruce Ridge. Photo Courtesy of Street and Mountain

Day 2

Kowen Forest

Get up bright and early and head into the woods of Kowen Forest. If you’re still feeling tired you’ll soon wake up with these exhilarating tracks layered within the pines.

How to get there

You can reach Kowen Forest in 30 minutes by car or two hours by bike.

How to get to Kowen Forest

The Kowen Forest tracks cater for all levels. You can easily spend two to four hours exploring the forest – for a bit of fun see how many stuffed animals nailed to trees you can spot!

The Escalator track in East Kowen Forest is as its name suggests; a steep, uphill trail. The trail is open, dry and rocky, so take care! Although it isn’t too technically challenging, you’ll definitely be out of breath when you reach the top.

Connecting to the Escalator is the Effing Track described as ‘effing’ fun, fantastic and beautiful. You’ll find yourself deep in the forest and winding your way around the top of the hill. With moderate climbs and rolling descents this trail is suitable for beginner to intermediate riders.

Sparrow Hill

Sparrow Hill contains some amazing rides.

How to get there

Sparrow Hill is just a stone’s throw away from Kowen – a 15 minute ride from the Trail Head.

Kowen to Sparrow Hill

Brave riders have been known to enjoy Sparrow Hill’s notorious Black Diamond track. Check it out!


Day 3

Stromlo Forest

Start your day at Australia’s premiere mountain bike park. With over 50 kilometres of trails and top facilities this location must be included in your Canberra itinerary.

How to get there

It’s a 20 minute drive or a 55 minute ride.

How to get to stromlo forest

Stromlo Forest has many great trails to get your heart pumping. For example, the Western Wedgetail into Skyline consists of two trails in one descending from the top of the mountain.

Although the descents are labelled for beginners they aren’t boring! These trails are some of the fastest you can do at Mount Stromlo.

Or, if you love berms, the Luge track is for you. This ride has a series of consecutive berms that will have you grinning from ear to ear!

Finally, the Trunk Trail is an enjoyable climb taking you to the top of the mountain with perfect gradients, swooping switchbacks and stunning views.

Day 4

Majura Pines

It’s time to explore the iconic Majura Pines. Generations of mountain bikers grew up racing on these tracks and with good reason.

How to get there

By car it’s 20 minutes or30 minutes by bike.

How to get to Majura Pines

Spend the morning riding these world-class tracks that have produced many champions of the sport.

The Rock Lobster is the steepest descent trail starting at the highest accessible point before descending 92 metres. It is recommended for skilled riders. You’ll experience a number ridges, mounds and jumps with the biggest saved until last.

Alternatively, deep in the heart of the pines you’ll discover a loop of intermediate level cross country trails.

Majura Pines Descent
Majura Pines Descent – Photo courtesy of Majura Pines Trail Alliance

Then it’s time to relax and see the sights. Enjoy a late breakfast or lunch at The Cupping Room. This cafe is known for it seriously good coffee, and it’s only a five minute walk from the Novotel.

Afterwards, visit the Australian War Memorial which commemorates Australians who have died in war. The museum is interesting, interactive and moving; a must-do when visiting Canberra.

That’s a wrap! We hope you enjoy your stay in Canberra.

For advice, information, or more assistance building your Canberra mountain biking itinerary, contact CLHQ’s MTB concierge service.

Where to find the top 10 bike rides in Australia

Australia is famous for diverse and stunning landscapes that offer many great rides for the avid cyclist. But with so many options available it can be hard to know where to start. To help you out, we’ve narrowed it down to just ten of our favourites.

So, get into gear and test out Australia’s best bike rides!

1. Melbourne – The Boulevard Burn

The Yarra Boulevard ride in Melbourne is a favourite because you can choose the difficulty of your workout. The ride has moderate climbs and you can adjust your speed to really work your legs. Alternatively, you can opt for a more relaxing cruise. We love that this ride is suitable for both recreational and devoted cyclists.

This route also escapes the city and offers stunning views across the Yarra valley all the way to the city skyline. Views and a workout – what’s not to love?

This ride takes one to two hours (24km) and is ideal for intermediate (blue) riders. More information.

Best rides in Australia - Boulevard Burn

2. Sydney – Manly to City backroads ride

Riding around Sydney on main roads could be a death wish…unless you know the backroads. This ride starts in Manly and heads to Sydney using as few main roads as possible. It allows you to see the sights (safely), and riding over the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a special treat!

The ride takes one to two hours (19km) and is recommended for intermediate (blue) cyclists. More information.

Best rides in Australia - Manly to City

3. Adelaide – hills and ranges

This scenic rollercoaster ride in Adelaide has it all. With rolling hills, valleys and adorable villages, you’ll be too busy admiring your surroundings to notice your legs burning as you climb the steep terrain.

For advanced (black) cyclists, this one- to two-hour (25km) ride is a lot of fun with ups and downs, narrow snaking roads and sharp turns. More information.

Best rides in Australia - Adelaide Hills

4. Brisbane – Mount Nebo to Mount Glorious

The ride to Mount Nebo and Mount Glorious is the perfect city escape. Taking between two and four hours (62ks) this ride is challenging and will really test your cycling skills – so make sure you’re prepared for it!

Although it’s a tough ride at times, once you find your rhythm you can enjoy the natural rainforest environment and breathtaking views over Samford Valley and Moreton Bay. This is a great ride for intermediate (blue) cyclists. More information.

Best rides in Australia - Mt Nebo

5. Gold Coast – Main Beach to the Spit

The Gold Coast is known for its spectacular coastline, so why not enjoy it on two wheels? This ride takes you along the coastline from the Southport Lifesaving Club to the sand pumping jetty through either bushland or by the sea. It then continues under the jetty to the Southport Spit wall.

Along the way enjoy beautiful scenery, sight-seeing and the fresh sea breeze. The ride takes one to two hours (5km) and is suitable for cyclists of all abilities. More information.

Best rides in Australia - Gold Coast

6. Tasmania – Table Cape ride

Table Cape is a remarkable natural wonder. This trail tours around this ancient volcano passing rich farmland and the Table Cape Tulip Farm. Marvel at the rich, red, volcanic soil and the bright colours of the tulips in spring.

You’ll experience striking views as well as a striking heart rate after some tough climbs, but the descent is long and lovely following the Inglis River.

This ride takes one to two hours (20.5km) and is ideal for intermediate (blue) cyclists. More information.

Best rides in Australia - Table cape

7. Southern Highlands, NSW – Fitzroy Falls to Kangaroo Valley

This steep, adventurous ride from Fitzroy Falls to Kangaroo Valley is perfect for all types of bikers. Keep an eye out for native wildlife as you explore the Morton National Park.

Start by climbing to the top of Meryla Pass before heading down into the Yarrunga Creek Valley and finish in one of the most beautiful towns in the Southern Highlands.

This route takes a full day (30km) and is best for advanced (black) cyclists. More information.

Best rides in Australia - Fitzroy Falls to Kangaroo Valley

8. Bendigo – North Bendigo river trail

This is a smooth, one- to two-hour ride (5km) on dedicated paths, and is a relaxing way to explore Bendigo. This easy trail, suitable for beginner (green) cyclists, takes you right through the middle of Bendigo and along the Bendigo Creek trail.

Pass inspiring scenery, historic buildings and the fernery (look out for bats!), and make sure to refuel at one of the great coffee shops along the way. More information.

Best rides in Australia - North Bendigo

9. Canberra – Googong Dam

If you’re looking for hills and thrills, this route from the east of Canberra to the Googong foreshore is for you. The undulating ride passes through woodlands, forests and grasslands and offers spectacular views over the Googong Reservoir.

This ride is popular as it is both rewarding and challenging. It can take up to half a day (66.5km) and is recommended for intermediate (blue) cyclists. More information.

Best rides in Australia - Googong dam

10. Canberra – Mountain Bike ride, East Kowen Forest

Canberra is a mountain biking hub, so of course we had to include one of the best places for MTB in Canberra in this list! East Kowen Forest features mostly hardpack singletrack rides connected by some fire trails. These trails can take anywhere from two to four hours (31.8km).

East Kowen Forest is suitable for riders of all levels, with minor obstacles for beginners and challenging, varied routes for more advanced riders. There is no shortage of steep pinches, tight switchbacks or shallow climbs – great for any thrill seeker! More information.

Best rides in Australia - East Kowen Forrest

So there you have it, ten of Australia’s best and most beautiful bike rides catering to all cycling levels. Australia has never looked so good on two wheels!

Have you already tested one of these bike rides? Which is your favourite ride in Australia? Let us know!

Adelaide’s most enjoyable bike rides

Adelaide has been described as “one big playground for local cyclists”. The city has a bike friendly culture and the infrastructure to support it.

Situated between hills and coastline, many bike routes in the city are flat making cycling pleasantly easy. That being said, the surrounding hills offer more challenging rides for those cyclists who enjoy suffering.

So, mount your bikes and start exploring Adelaide today!

1. Waterfall Gully

This short and sweet ride will lead you to one of Adelaide’s most accessible and beautiful natural features: Waterfall Gully.  Passing through the suburbs of Kensington and Burnside, this ride is easy with only about 170 metres of gentle climbing.

Discovering the stunning waterfalls at the end of this ride makes the one-to-two-hour ride (12kms) worth it. This is a great ride for beginner (Green) level cyclists to share with family or friends. More information.

Best bike rides in Adelaide - Waterfall Gully

2. Tower to Summit

Although this is a short ride of only 7.5 kilometres, it’s a tough one. After the first 300 metres, it’s a steep climb all the way to Norton Summit. The beginning is particularly challenging then it eases off (slightly) as you progress.

Luckily, the panoramic views over Morialta Gorge, the city and the coastline will distract you from your burning legs. This ride takes one to two hours and is suitable for intermediate (Blue) level cyclists. More information.

Best bike rides in Adelaide - Tower to Summit

3. Adelaide hills and ranges

This ride is a scenic rollercoaster offering landscapes of hills, valleys and quaint villages. It’s all ups and downs on steep, narrow winding roads – be cautious and keep your eyes on the road as there are some sharp turns. It is not recommended for wet weather as the trail can get slippery, but on a dry, sunny day it is just glorious.

This ride is an extension of the Tower to Summit ride. It takes one to two hours (25kms) and is recommended for advanced (Black) cyclists. More information.

Best bike rides in Adelaide - Adelaide Hills

4. Cudlee Creek Mountain Bike trails

For one of the best Mountain Bike tracks in Australia, look no further. Cudlee Creek Forest combines beautiful backdrops with an awesome network of cross-country and downhill loop trails.

This venue caters for all skill levels – just look out for the signs classifying each trail. For the more daring bikers, there are seriously challenging single tracks with steep climbs, descents and obstacles.

Distances vary depending on the track but take in general one to two hours. More information.

Best bike rides in Adelaide - Cudlee Creek

5. Coastal cruise

With views along the esplanade and Coastal Path what’s not to love about this ride? Even better, there is only one set of traffic lights and no hills! You also have the choice of meandering along the coastline or taking the on-road option.

This ride is enjoyable for beginner (Green) level cyclists taking only one to two hours (24kms). More information.

Best bike rides in Adelaide - Coastal cruise

6. Barossa Ranges loop

This ride is the perfect way to discover the region while getting a workout. The Barossa Ranges offer quiet, rolling roads and typical Australian bush landscapes.

Getting straight to it with a hard climb up Mengler Hill, you’ll then ride by vineyards and grazing land until you reach the Tanunda Creek Road turn-off. Now for the workout, but it’s not too bad, just a few ups and downs through farming land and native scrub.

This cycle takes one to two hours (33kms) and is great for intermediate (Blue) cyclists. More information.

Best bike rides in Adelaide - Barossa Ranges loop

7. Willunga Range loop

This ride up Old Willunga Hill is a challenge that most cyclists aim to accomplish. Why? Because it is hard, really hard.

After a long, torturous climb, you’ll traverse the Willunga Range with stunning views. But what goes up must come down, you’ll end the ride with a steep, snaking downhill descent.

The ride takes one to two hours (25kms) and due to its difficulty is best for advanced (Black) level cyclists. More information.

Best bike rides in Adelaide - Willunga Range loop

8. Aldgate Valley loop

Despite the hills, this ride is mostly gentle with only a couple of challenging climbs and descents. Surrounded by native gums and European trees, the route is mostly shaded.

You’ll leave from the charming village of Aldgate and wind your way between four historic towns. Before you leave, make sure to check out Aldgate’s welcoming cafes and cottage style gardens. This loop takes one to two hours (19kms) and is ideal for intermediate (Blue) cyclists. More information.

Best bike rides in Adelaide - Aldgate Valley loop

Adelaide’s varying and vivid landscapes offer adventurous cyclists a diverse range of trails and routes. No matter what your level, you’ll be sure to find an enjoyable bike ride in Adelaide!

Have you already tried out one of these bike rides? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

Your guide to the best bike rides on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is famous for its long sandy beaches, surfing and theme parks, but there are also many paths off the beaten track – perfect for those seeking adventure on two wheels!

Home to national parks, rainforests, ridges, valleys and picturesque backdrops, the Gold Coast is not just a paradise for surfers. It’s a great destination for cyclists too.

Get out of the surf and into the saddle, and experience another side of the Gold Coast.

1. Nerang (hard and easy loops)

Nerang offers two great rides through the native Eucalyptus forest, suitable for beginner to expert cyclists. The first is the Casuarina Grove Track, which is ideal for novice cyclists. The track features gradual ascents and descents and paths are clearly marked.

The second loop is for advanced riders and serious thrill-seekers. With intense climbs and descents, this adrenalin-pumping ride takes you deep into the forest. It’s easy to lose your path, but that’s all part of the fun!

Total ride time will vary depending on which loop you choose, but they’re both about 14 kilometres. More information.

Best Gold Coast rides - Nerang path

2. Boondall to Kedron Brook

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city on this peaceful, smooth ride. Start by discovering the diverse wildlife of the Boondall Wetlands, home to an incredible variety of mammals, birds, frogs and vegetation. If you’re the lunching type, finish up with a picnic at Kedron Brook. It’s one of the largest catchment areas in Brisbane.

This pleasant beginner (green level) ride takes one to two hours. It is 20 kilometres long. More information.

Best Gold Coast rides - Boondall path

3. Main Beach to the Spit

This beachside ride departing from the Southport Lifesaving Club leads you to the sand pumping jetty either via bushland or along the ocean. From there, continue under the jetty until you reach the Southport Spit wall.

This one- to two-hour ride is great for sight-seeing, stunning scenery and taking in the fresh sea breeze. You can even stop to taste some fresh prawns from the fishing trawlers on the way. The cycle is only five kilometres and is suitable for all level cyclists. More information.

Best Gold Coast rides - Main Beach

4. Little Nerang Dam to Springbrook

This picturesque ride reaps great rewards. From Little Nerang Dam, enjoy a relaxed downhill cruise before commencing a challenging climb on Gold Coast Springbrook Road. The timber bridges can be slippery, but it’s worth it when you reach the cliff edge and are rewarded with stunning views over Springbrook National Park.

Be well-prepared for this half day cycle. It’s 24 kilometres and is recommended for intermediate (blue level) cyclists. More information.

Best Gold Coast rides - Little Nerang Dam

5. Mount Tamborine, Canungra loop ride

Warning: you may have ‘jelly legs’ at the end of this ride! Starting from the town of Canungra, pass horse-riding studs and vineyards before beginning the climb to the volcanic mass, which was formed around 20 million years ago.

There’s a tourist hub full of antique stores and home-made treats at the top of the mountain. The perfect place to refuel! This ride is suited to advanced (black level) cyclists. It takes half a day and is about 43 kilometres. More information.

Best Gold Coast rides - Mt Tamborine

6. Tweed Coast

Looking for a short, laidback ride? This route runs along the coastline between two beachside towns. The best part: near-constant sea views. Bikes paths are mostly good quality, and there are great cafes and bakeries on the way.

This is an easy ride for beginner (green level) cyclists that can be completed in one to two hours (17kms). More information.

Best Gold Coast rides - Tweed Coast

7. Redland Bay (Mount Cotton)

Starting from Redland Bay, meander by the charming Moreton Bay, taking in the unspoilt Southern Bay islands of Russell, Lamb, Macleay and Karragarra. It’s also worth mentioning that Redland Bay, known for its fertile iron-rich soil, has many great cafes for hungry cyclists.

This is a pleasant ride for intermediate (blue level) cyclists and takes one to two hours (36kms). More information.

Best Gold Coast rides - Redland Bay

8. O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat

Keen for an adventure? This is an arduous ride that also starts at Canungra. You’ll pass grazing farm-land before beginning a two-and-a-half-hour incline through ancient Gondwana rainforest.

After you’ve caught your breath, prepare for an adrenalin rush with an exciting downhill ride (easy on the brakes!).

The 70km ride takes half a day and is best suited to advanced (black level) cyclists. More information.

Best Gold Coast rides - O'Reillys

If you’re looking for adventure on the Gold Coast, you won’t be disappointed. These incredible rides offer diverse landscapes. From coastlines to forests, there’s a route for everyone and all cycling abilities!

Which rides are you tempted to try? For more of the Gold Coast’s best bike rides, check out CycleLifeHQ’s complete list of bike rides for the Gold Coast.

Discover eight of Melbourne’s most unforgettable bike rides

Avoid the Melbourne traffic and ride around the bike-friendly city instead. From fast-paced city cycling to leisurely rides by the sea, Melbourne’s range of incredible bike rides caters to all desires and fitness levels.

Cruise Melbourne and its surroundings at your own pace with these great routes!

1. Southbank to Docklands via Port Melbourne

Discover Melbourne’s attractions with this ride that links old and new. Starting at Federation Wharf, cross the historic Sandridge Bridge (Australia’s first rail bridge), before heading to Station Pier in Port Melbourne – an important arrival point during the gold rush.

From there, ride through Westgate Park nature sanctuary and pass the Scienceworks Museum before arriving at Docklands.

This ride takes one to two hours (20km) and is great for beginner (green level) cyclists. More information.

Best rides in Melbourne - Southbank to Docklands

2. Beach Road and beyond

With winding roads, gentle hills and stunning beachside scenery, the Beach Road and beyond ride is one of Melbourne’s most popular. Ride through St Kilda passing sea baths on one side and Luna Park on the other. Then, continue on through suburbs lined with great cafes and shops.

Finally, there’s one last slog up Olivers Hill and Humphries Road before a fun downhill slope back to Frankston. This ride can get busy with cyclists and is best for intermediate (blue level) cyclists. It takes two to four hours (100km). More information.

Best rides in Melbourne - Beach Road

3. Werribee and Point Cook

This ride takes you out of bustling Werribee and along steep red cliffs that dramatically frame the river below. You’ll pass historic homesteads and grazing land before reaching Point Cook. Take a look at the RAAF Williams Point Cook base, then head inland along wetlands and end the ride by following the river downstream.

This two- to four-hour ride (62km) offers great variety and is recommended for advanced (black level) riders. More information.

Best rides in Melbourne - Werribee and Point Cook

4. The Boulevard Burn

After Beach Road, The Yarra Boulevard is the second most popular training ride for devoted and recreational cyclists. It avoids traffic lights, has moderate climbs, and has plenty to look at along the way. Choose your speed for a hard workout or a more relaxed cruise, and make sure to enjoy the striking views across the river valley to the city skyline.

This ride has a few trail options depending on how adventurous you’re feeling. It takes one to two hours (24km) and is for intermediate (blue level) riders. More information.

Best rides in Melbourne - The Boulevard Burn

5. Geelong – the You Yangs mountain bike ride

Feeling like something a bit more extreme? This ride is a great introduction to mountain bike riding. The You Yangs Regional Park has 50km of purpose-built tracks made by mountain bike enthusiasts. For beginners, there are two routes: the Lumberjack and Plantation track. These routes are labelled as easy, but still provide a fun experience zig-zagging through the eucalyptus trees.

There are two more tracks for experienced cyclists. They require good technical skills – with extreme descents and tight single tracks they are not for the faint-hearted. More information.

Best rides in Melbourne - Geelong You Yangs

6. Australian Garden

This easy (green level) ride is enjoyable for people of all fitness levels. Keep an eye out for local wildlife such as koalas and wallabies, as you wind your way through bushland, wetland, and grassland surrounding the Australian Garden.

Warning: watch out for snakes as well as furry, cuddly creatures. This ride takes less than an hour and is approximately six kilometres. More information.

Best rides in Melbourne - Australian Garden

7. Maribyrnong River to Brimbank Park loop

This loop of either 24km (short version) or 32km (long version) is great for sight-seeing. Starting from the Docklands and following the Maribyrnong River, you’ll pass a number of attractions including Flemington Racecourse and Pipemakers Park.

You’ll then meander up to Lily Street lookout for magnificent views over the city, before a quick descent towards Brimbank Park via the historic tea gardens.

This ride has a variety of trail options and is suited to all cycling abilities. More information.

Best rides in Melbourne - Maribyrnong River

8. Williamstown to Altona Loop

This ride will have you believing that you’re hours from Melbourne’s CBD when really you’re only a few kilometres away. Beginning in historic Williamstown, ride along the coast past beautiful beaches, wetlands and coastal reserves.

Enjoy views across Port Phillip Bay, do some bird watching as you pass Jawbone Conservation Reserve, and check out the sea creature sculptures at Altona beach.

This one- to two-hour ride (41km) is great for intermediate (blue level) cyclists. More information.

Best rides in Melbourne - Williamstown to Altona Loop

So there you have it. Melbourne is home to many great beaches, rivers, national parks and forests – perfect for all your cycling adventures!

What are your favourite Melbourne bike rides? Let us know in the comments below, or share your thoughts on the CycleLifeHQ Facebook page.

Where to find the best bike rides in Canberra

There’s no denying Canberra is one of Australia’s most cycle-friendly cities. The nation’s capital boasts well-connected bike paths surrounded by nature, making cycling easy for the everyday commuter. There are also plenty of options for those looking for adventure or a more leisurely weekend ride.

So, put on your helmets, get outside and discover some of Canberra’s best bike rides!

1. Cotter-Uriarra loop ride

This loop is one of Canberra’s most popular bike rides. With rapid descents and challenging climbs, it is perfect for the adventurous cyclist. Plunging into, and climbing out of, the Uriarra and Cotter river crossings will give you a true feel for Canberra’s countryside.

This ride is recommended for advanced (black level) riders and takes one to two hours (37.4km). More information.

Best bike rides - Cotter-Uriarra loop Canberra

2. Glebe Park to Gungahlin café jaunt

For cyclists who love to brunch, this ride is hard to beat. Starting at Glebe Park in the city centre, the ride follows Northbourne Avenue and skirts around the suburbs before heading north to the outer areas of Gungahlin. It finishes with a short sprint down the Federal Highway and winds back into town. Park your bike and treat yourself to a hearty brunch for a positive start to the weekend.

Taking two to four hours (50.7km) this ride is ideal for intermediate (blue level) road riders. More information.

Best bike ride - Glebe Park to Gungahlin Canberra

3. Lake Burley Griffin central basin loop ride

This bridge to bridge cycle is a 4.9-kilometre loop passing many of Canberra’s popular attractions. Not only is it the perfect way for visitors to enjoy the sights, but it also provides stunning views over the famed Lake Burley Griffin. Highlights include the Captain Cook Memorial Jet, Questacon, the National Gallery of Australia’s Sculpture Garden and more.

The ride takes less than one hour and is suitable for beginner (green level) riders. More information.

Best bike ride - Lake Burley Griffin central basin loop Canberra

4. Googong Dam

Looking for a more scenic journey? This ride from the east of Canberra to the Googong foreshore passes through woodlands, forests and grasslands. If you’re looking for hills and thrills this undulating ride is for you. On a clear day, spectacular views over the Googong Reservoir are inevitable.

This bike ride can take up to half a day (66.5km) and is both rewarding and challenging. It is recommended for intermediate (blue level) cyclists. More information.

Best bike ride - Googong Dam Canberra

5. Canberra to Bungendore

Explore Canberra’s rural community and its pleasant surroundings before heading to the historic village of Bungendore. Full of galleries specialising in fine art, leather ware and crafts you won’t be disappointed.

The ride is great for intermediate (blue level) riders with its smooth, rolling roads and occasional sharp pinches. It’s approximately 35.7 kilometres in length and can be completed in two to four hours. More information.

Best bike ride - Canberra to Bungendore

6. Tuggeranong Pines

Breathe in the fresh pine scent in the heart of the Tuggeranong Pine forest on this all-abilities bike ride. Choose from on-road, off-road or even challenging hills for more advanced cyclists.

For those looking for a more relaxed ride, single-tracks pass through the pine plantation and are ideal for beginner to intermediate level cyclists. This ride is great because you can choose your own duration and kilometres. More information.

Best bike ride - Tuggeranong Pines Canberra

7. Canberra six peaks ride

Feeling adventurous? This bike ride is not for the faint-hearted, with climbs to the top of six peaks: Mount Stromlo, Red Hill, Mount Pleasant, Mount Ainslie, Black Mountain and Dairy Farmers Hill in the Arboretum.

The ride is 118 kilometres for total elevation gains of about 2000 metres. Luckily there are great café stops to break up the ride at the top of Mount Stromlo and at the Arboretum.

This cycle takes a full day and is recommended for expert (double black level) cyclists. More information.

Best bike ride - six peaks Canberra

8. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

Located on the edge of Namadgi National Park in Canberra’s southeast and joining the northern section of Kosciusko National Park in NSW, this ride is peaceful with stunning scenery. You may even encounter local wildlife, including wombats, echidnas and emus.

The ride takes one to two hours (16.5km). The roads are smooth and quiet, so it’s suitable for beginner (green) level riders. Why not see how many kangaroos and other animals you can spot? More information.

Best bike ride - Tidbinbilla


These bike rides make it easy to discover Canberra’s picturesque scenery and surrounding areas while exercising and enjoying the outdoors. Adventure is waiting for you in Canberra. Get your bike into gear and test out some of these great rides!

Which ride are you keen to try first? For more of Canberra’s best bike rides, check out CycleLifeHQ’s complete list of bike rides in the ACT.

What does a bike-friendly business look like? Lessons from PwC Indigenous Consulting

It takes effort to build a bike-friendly business.

Lately, I’ve been reading the work of Mark Ames, from Strategic Cities. Mark is a prolific writer and thinker in areas relating to bike-friendly cities and bike-friendly businesses.

He’s inspired me to think about the current state of affairs in Australia regarding:

  • Commuting by bike
  • What it means for a business to make their workplace bike- and commute-friendly

While there are many ingredients to a bike-friendly business, two are pretty important.

1. Dedicated bike lanes

Fortunately, I live in Canberra. This means I can commute to work with 95 percent of the route on dedicated bike paths. The jaw-dropping natural and built scenery are a bonus.

2. Bike-friendly facilities

In addition to my CycleLifeHQ role, I have the privilege of advising PWC Indigenous Consulting. It’s a profit-for-purpose firm that exists to realise futures through Indigenous-led approaches.

PWC Indigenous Consulting is totally inspiring. It also has some great cycle- friendly facilities.

Without wanting you to get green with jealousy … check it out 🙂

Secure, lockable facilities

It’s fantastic to see bikes stored securely – on racks – indoors.

Bike-friendly access

A simple ramp next to the flight of stairs makes transporting bikes easy.


Showers, toilets and lockers

You’d be surprised at the number of workplaces that don’t offer basic bike-friendly facilities like showers. These are nice to boot.


Shared bike equipment

Bike maintenance and quick fixes are simple with on-site tools, pumps and tubes.


A towel service!

Saddle up and behold a TOWEL SERVICE!!!  Yep, you get a fresh towel every day. After you shower, you just pop it into the laundry …


I’d love to see your bike-friendly facilities … show me your photos in the comments, or post a photo on the CycleLifeHQ Facebook page.