Cycling highlights from the 2016 Banff Film Festival

Well, that was simply an awesome night … we went to the Australian leg of the Banff Film Festival (The GREAT outdoors).

The festival is a bit like Cannes and the Oscars all rolled into one for filmmakers who use the great outdoors as their canvas.

Mountain biking is one segment of the broader cycling experience industry that is one part of the broader outdoor recreation industry.

As with other outdoor recreation industries, what most people love about riding their bike is the ability to get lost in the moment. The feeling of the motion and energy you’ve generated.  The feeling of the wind in your face.

Get the picture?

If not, this video should help. It’s the true definition of flow on a bike…

I saw it for the first time tonight on the big screen … and it was even better than on the small screen.

But bike riding isn’t everything … and here’s another view.

In brief, this awesome Canadian action sports photographer, Reuben Krabbe, decided to capture a photo of skiers in front of a 1.5m eclipse close to the North Pole.

The chance of it being clear? Almost none.

The chance he could get the right angle? Almost none.

The chance it could be screwed up? Pretty much guaranteed.

The result – stunning!!!

CycleLifeHQ update

We’re pleased to announce that CycleLifeHQ will be live at the end of the week.

It’ll only be at 60 to 70 percent functionality but time to test the concepts and continue to learn what people like and what they don’t.

So, if you are keen have a look,  drop me a note and I will add you to a beta user group. You can also stay up to date with CycleLifeHQ news by following us on Facebook.

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