Where to find the best bespoke urban commuting bikes in Zurich

Charles Black is enjoying the sights and sounds of Europe by bicycle. In this post, he shares his experience exploring bespoke urban commuting bike shops in Zurich, Switzerland. 

Over to Charles…

Today, while in Zurich, I was fortunate to stumble across GOrilla Bikes and its beautiful bespoke all-steel urban bikes.

I am sure I have an innate ability to be self-directed to anything that can help empty my wallet!

GOrilla Bikes is a perfect union of Swiss quality standards with venerable Italian craftsmanship. It creates bespoke urban cycling all steel bikes with beautiful specs.

Nino Jager is the owner of the store and founder of these bespoke all-steel commuting bikes.

Rather than keep writing, I’ll let the pictures talk 🙂

The bikes

As you can see from the photographs, these stylish commuting bikes are of amazing quality.

urban commuter bike Zurich Germany

They are available in a range of colours…

urban commuter bike Zurich Germany on display

urban commuter bike Zurich Germany navy blue urban commuter bike Zurich Germany

Love this colour…


The accessories

In addition to beautiful commuter bikes, I discovered a range of awesome accessories. Which one is your favourite?

The bling

This is a shop that understands craftsmanship.


The very cool component selection


The GOrilla team

What you need to know

I had a great time exploring GOrilla Bikes. For any cycling enthusiasts planning a trip to Zurich, I strongly recommend adding a visit to the shop to your itinerary.

GOrilla Urban Cycling
Weinbergstrasse 25, 8001 Zürich
Email: info@gorillabicycles.com
Call: 00 41 79 948 79 68

Opening hours
Monday to Friday: 10.30am – 7pm
Saturday: 11am – 6pm
For more information about GOrilla Bikes, read the CycleLifeHQ listing.



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