What does a bike-friendly business look like? Lessons from PwC Indigenous Consulting

It takes effort to build a bike-friendly business.

Lately, I’ve been reading the work of Mark Ames, from Strategic Cities. Mark is a prolific writer and thinker in areas relating to bike-friendly cities and bike-friendly businesses.

He’s inspired me to think about the current state of affairs in Australia regarding:

  • Commuting by bike
  • What it means for a business to make their workplace bike- and commute-friendly

While there are many ingredients to a bike-friendly business, two are pretty important.

1. Dedicated bike lanes

Fortunately, I live in Canberra. This means I can commute to work with 95 percent of the route on dedicated bike paths. The jaw-dropping natural and built scenery are a bonus.

2. Bike-friendly facilities

In addition to my CycleLifeHQ role, I have the privilege of advising PWC Indigenous Consulting. It’s a profit-for-purpose firm that exists to realise futures through Indigenous-led approaches.

PWC Indigenous Consulting is totally inspiring. It also has some great cycle- friendly facilities.

Without wanting you to get green with jealousy … check it out 🙂

Secure, lockable facilities

It’s fantastic to see bikes stored securely – on racks – indoors.

Bike-friendly access

A simple ramp next to the flight of stairs makes transporting bikes easy.


Showers, toilets and lockers

You’d be surprised at the number of workplaces that don’t offer basic bike-friendly facilities like showers. These are nice to boot.


Shared bike equipment

Bike maintenance and quick fixes are simple with on-site tools, pumps and tubes.


A towel service!

Saddle up and behold a TOWEL SERVICE!!!  Yep, you get a fresh towel every day. After you shower, you just pop it into the laundry …


I’d love to see your bike-friendly facilities … show me your photos in the comments, or post a photo on the CycleLifeHQ Facebook page.

One thought on “What does a bike-friendly business look like? Lessons from PwC Indigenous Consulting

  1. Charles, how great is this. How many times have you got all geared up and actively travelled to work to find you’ve forgotten a towel and had to shake yourself dry! I’d love ❤️ to be guaranteed a free freshly laundered fresh towel to reward my effort.


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