Shape, share and support your local cycling tourism.

As a CyclelifeHQ Ride Ambassador, you get to showcase the best local rides, support local business, contribute to local cycling improvements

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What do Ambassadors Do, precisely.

Showcase Ride Routes

Identify and capture the best rides your area has to offer covering for sightseers, road riders and mountain bikers through CycleLifeHQ.

We provide all the tools to help store, curate and market these rides to residents and visitors alike.

Help build the community

As an Ambassador, you take an active role in promoting quality local business through CycleLIfeHQ, building their profile and earning revenue yourself in the process.

Have their say

Work with CycleLifeHQ and local councils to improve or enhance service for cycling and cycle tourism in your neighbourhood.

Through our Ambassadors program you share your recommendations and ideas with key decision makers

3 steps to becoming an Ambassador

  1. First step is really simple. Just register your interest. It’s free and you have no obligation. Why not start right here and now.
  2. Once registered, you’ll get some light reading material that explains our programme in more detail. One of your CyclelifeHQ support team will get in touch to make sure that you have everything you need including how you get paid and rewarded for all your awesome work.
  3. Once you are ready to go, we will work with you to start building your local rides and services, and promoting them on our global ride platform.

Why should I consider becoming an Ambassador?

Promote your local destination as a great place to see by bike

To often people miss the true experience of a local destination. By becoming part of the global experience sharing community you can help others see a completely new side to your destination and getting a unique local’s perspective. It is also a great way to build new connections through an activity you like yourself.

Get a bit of exposure as a local expert

Through CyclelifeHQ we help local government attract cycling travellers and enthusiasts and help them find and book the best bike rides in the world

As a local ambassador, you can build your profile, reputation and influence around cycling tourism in your local area.

Make a little of dosh

CycleLifeHQ provides a variety of ways to get paid for your effort and contribution. Because each destination is different, we have developed a range of ways to recognise and reward you. We will discuss these with you following a discussion about why you want to be an ambassador.

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